Caregivers: How CGR Works for You

Every Unpaid Family Caregiver faces the same challenge — making decisions that ensure that a loved one receives safe, appropriate, and effective care.

UFCs usually make those decisions without adequate support and in crisis.

CGR is dedicated to providing you and other UFCs with practical guidance and easy-to-use tools that make a real difference in how you understand problems and make those decisions before and during a crisis.

Assessing Your Needs

Every Unpaid Family Caregiver can benefit from taking a closer look at how to approach family caregiving and the caregiving needs that have to be met.

By clicking on the link provided below and providing us with your name and email address, you can receive a free copy of CGR’s detailed Caregiving Needs Assessment form. This unique tool will

  • Help you take a closer look at how family caregiving affects you as an individual,
  • Summarize the family care needs you have to fulfill,
  • Evaluate what you need help with, and
  • Take a look at other areas of concern.

Using this form allows you to have a clearer picture of where you stand today as a caregiver and the nature of the spectrum of care you need to provide — and will help you prepare for meeting the caregiving needs you will face tomorrow.

To receive your free copy, click on STORE above.

We also provide two fee-based services that can provide even more guidance.  If you are interested in obtaining further information on the services described, go to our CONTACT page to send an email requesting details.

  • Needs Assessment: At your request, a CGR professional will contact you to discuss the information you enter in your Caregiving Needs Assessment and help you clarify how to reach your caregiving goals. This 2-hour discussion will cover care needs, basic resources available to you, and care priorities.
    The fee for this service is $75. (Prepayment required.)
  • Integrated Care Plan Preparation: Using email, the telephone or Skype or FaceTime, a CGR professional will work with you to develop a complete family caregiving plan that integrates your loved one’s clinical care needs and nonclinical care support requirements. This detailed plan, based on the process outlined in The Family Caregiver’s Manual by David Levy (see below), will help you create a complete picture of your family’s resources (from people resources to dollars to community services), outline ways to meet immediate needs over 30-, 60-, and 90-day intervals, develop a process for addressing the unexpected and long-term care needs you may have to face, and outline steps so you can take to attain peace of mind.
    • The fee for Integrated Care Plan Preparation includes a copy of The Family Caregiver’s Manual, preparation of an integrated plan addressing care needs for up to 2 family members, and 3 hours of telephone support following completion of the plan.
    • A credit of $75 will be provided to UFCs who have completed a CGR Caregiving Needs Assessment form.
    • Fee: $375. (A 50% deposit is required; you will be billed for the remainder on completion of the written plan.)

UFC Learning Tools

Step by step guidance in using the CGR practical problem solving approach is provided in The Family Caregiver’s Manual by David Levy, CGR co-founder and a nationally recognized expert in family caregiving.

A growing library of CGR Guides for Family Caregivers includes practical tools on medication management in the home, developing a UFC self-care plan that really works, a range of topics on managing clinical care in the home, making a home as safe and functional location for clinical care, and other critical topics.

To learn more about The Family Cargiver’s Manual and CGR Guides, click here.