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The most reliable sources of information about family caregiving are UFCs, and that is where CGR gathers its information. Over the past 30 years we have talked to thousands of UFCs about how they make critical caregiving decisions. Their unique experiences have taught us how every UFC can make more effective practical decisions and guided CGR’S development of tools that help UFCs learn to do just that.

The Family Caregiver’s Manual: A Practical Planning Guide to Managing the Care of Your Loved One

By David Levy, JD, Gerontologist

THE basic guide to practical problem solving! Family caregiving expert David Levy sets forth how to evaluate priorities, understand options, and face bedrock issues (legal, financial, emotional, social), so caregivers can make wise and informed decisions for their loved ones, while gaining peace of mind from knowing they did the best they could under the circumstances. Levy focuses on the nonclinical aspects of caregiving, which are often neglected by medical professionals:

  • Assembling core information about a loved one’s life
  • Locating resources that can make a difference in ensuring a loved one’s care needs are met
  • Deciding how to use resources effectively over time
  • Finding ways to make a struggling care system work
  • Overcoming the roadblocks that the caregiver’s feelings of distress and failure can create
  • Taking a practical approach to that overused phrase “Take care of yourself”
  • Finding a good family caregiver support group
  • And much more.

About the Author
David Levy, JD, is a gerontologist and a recognized family caregiver expert. Levy is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator in family caregiving and a certified Family Conflict Dynamics Profiler. He is founder and chairman of the American Association for Caregiver Education (AACE), a fifteen-year-old nonprofit organization devoted to creating education, teaching, and training modalities for family and professional caregivers. Levy founded two consulting practices: Family Caregiver Advocacy Group, for personal caregiving support, and CaregiverReality, Inc. for support of businesses and corporations. He facilitates weekly family caregiver support groups and counsels family caregivers, both pro bono and privately.

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The Family Caregiver Guide Series

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Hiring and Managing Home Helpers

UFCs who must depend on paid home helpers to ensure effective home care for their loved ones are typically unfamiliar with how paid home services work, how to find the right worker, and how to manage their use. This guide takes UFCs step-by-step through planning and managing paid home helpers.

Hard copy only.  Price: $20.00

Managing Medications: What Unpaid Family Caregivers Need to Know

This unique Guide provides UFCs with a wealth of information on home-based management of medications — from the forms of medications to common abbreviations to how prescriptions work and how to handle medications safely. The Guide also outlines a simple process for handling medications while pointing out the potential complications that can arise.

Hard copy only.  Price: $22.00

What Does It Mean? A Glossary of Important Family Caregiving Terms

Unpaid Family Caregivers need to know and understand a broad array of terms to be effective caregivers. Legal terms. Medical and health care terms. Explanations of services and service providers. This Guide provides explanations of dozens of terms UFCs need to know.

PDF only.  Price: $10.00

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A New Roof — Converting Your Home for Home Care: Safety, Function, and the ADA

The first step in providing care in a home is to make sure that the home care setting is safe, provides the space needed for care, and meets the many other requirements necessary. This Guide describes how to convert an ordinary family home into effective space for caring for a loved one who needs assistance for self-care. The Guide also covers applicable guidelines from the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and permitting and inspections.

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When Did You Become a Doctor? Making Clinical Care Work in the Home

Clinical professionals typically do not treat UFCs as part of the clinical care delivery team, although UFCs are the ones who make patient decisions and make clinical care work in the home. This Guide explains clinical care plans, how to work with clinical care professionals, how to create a family caregiving plan that integrates clinical and nonclinical care delivery, and how to make clinical care work in the home.

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Time for a Change? Moving Care from Home to an Institutional Setting

Most UFCs and their loved ones fight the need to seek institutional care. This Guide leads UFCs through the process of recognizing when institutional care is needed, helping loved ones accept the need, finding the best placement, and becoming a care advocate for loved ones under their “new roof.”

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Making the Rules Work: The Legal Documents That Make Unpaid Family Caregiving Work

An expert on legal issues in Family Caregiving and an experienced Unpaid Family Caregiver discuss the importance of executing and using legal documents in protecting the rights of family members who need assistance in providing self-care. Topics include the legal foundations of well-planned management of family care and critical documents (including financial powers of attorney, health care surrogacies, care contracts, and other key documents).

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  • For information on purchasing bulk copies, go to CONTACT and send an email requesting information.