A New Roof: Converting Your Home for Home Care: Safety, Function, and the ADA

A guide to converting an ordinary family home to a safe, functional environment for caring for a loved one who needs assistance it’s self-care. Covers applicable guidelines from the Americans with Disabilities Act and permitting and inspections


1. A Family Decision

2. Is Home the Right Place?

  • What is required for care?
  • What condition is your home in? (Needs and safety check)
  • Initial review for safety and changes
  • How to pay if proceed
  • Time: Is there enough? (When does care start?)
  • Coming to initial agreement — Go? No go?

3. Plans: Architects

4. Rules and regulations: ADA, Permits, and Inspections (time and fees)

5. Bids and the Budget

6. Review and the Final Decision

7. If the Decision Is No, Where to Go

  • At home: Minimum changes, Meeting needs.
  • Outside: The Critical Decision

8. If the Decision is Yes, What’s Next (Steps)

9. Choosing the Contractor (and the Contract)

10. Securing Needed Finding

11. The Schedule: Fixed or Flexible

12. The Process: Smooth Sailing and Problem Solving When Its Not

13. Finishing: Cleanup and Paying Bills

14. Moving Day: The First Day of Real In-Home Care

15. Thinking About After Care Ends