Time for a Change? Moving Care from Home to an Institutional Setting

One of the hardest decisions that Unpaid Family Caregivers have to make is the decision to move a loved one from home to a long-term care facility. ┬áThis Guide provides a step-by-step process that a won’t make the decision easier, but that will help UFCs through the process,

1. What makes the home NOT the right place for care

Effects of rate and type of changes
Gradual changes that offer chances to adapt
Critical changes that require rapid adaptations
Can home environment be modified?
Can in-home care at a higher level be paid for?

2. Options for outside care (community variations)

Types of facilities
Preparing to pay
When options are limited

3. How does the family caregiver’s role change?

4. Visiting and evaluating care facilities

Setting priorities for care before visiting
The “front lobby” effect
How states/federal government rate facilities and how to find out
Asking the right questions
Contract requirements — learn and understand
How is the family caregiver’s role defined in the contract and by staff?

5. Making the transition

Issues your loved one and family may present
Preparing for the move
Day of the move
First 7 days
First 4 weeks

6. The New “Home away from Home”

Paying attention — and letting staff know you are paying attention
Working with staff on issues — quality of care and facility conditions
Defining the problem
Evaluating your loved one’s complaints — what’s real and what isn’t
Looking at the records of care
Suggesting changes
Demanding changes
Making formal complaints
Monitoring changes

7. How to praise to support quality of care delivery

8. Reassuring your loved one

9. When it works, it works — when it doesn’t, don’t wait