Professionals: How CGR Works for You

Most professionals are trained to address only the clinical needs of care recipients. It can take years to understand that the individual Unpaid Family Caregiver is the critical 24/7 link between clinical and nonclinical care.

CGR tools and training can give professionals the leading edge in forging trusted relationships with UFCs that make a critical difference in delivering high-quality, cost-effective care.


The Family Caregiver’s Manual

The Family Caregiver’s Manual by David Levy describes CGR’s practical problem solving approach in detail and includes valuable checklists and tools that will help you and your clients gain a better understanding of the family caregiving process. The basic reference tool can be used by individual clients and, UFC support group members, and as a training tool for small groups.

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The Manual can be purchased from the publisher, Central Recovery Press.

CGR offers both single copies and bulk discounts for the following items:

CGR Caregiving Needs Assessment Form

This unique tool will

  • Helps UFCs take a closer look at how family caregiving affects them as individuals,
  • Summarizes the family care needs they have to fulfill,
  • Evaluates what they need help with, and
  • Takes a look at other areas of concern.

Using this form allows professionals advising UFCs to gain a clear picture of where a client stands today as a caregiver and the nature of the spectrum of care the client does or should provide — and helps you assist the client in preparing to meet the caregiving needs he/she will face tomorrow. The Assessment form is particularly useful in combination with The Family Caregiver’s Manual.

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The Family Caregiving Guide Series

The Guide Series includes carefully researched, detailed information on a number of critical family caregiving topics — how to manage clinical care in the home (including a special Guide on medication management), converting home space into home care space (and when not to), moving from home care to facility-based care, and other issues. The Guides can serve as educational tools when UFCs ask the hard questions and how-to manuals that can keep UFCs on track. Guides can be purchased as individual copies or in bulk.

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Training Opportunities

CGR offers training for individual professionals and institutions that will foster clear communication between UFCs and health care professionals/service providers and ensure better and less costly care delivery regardless of the setting in which care is delivered. We cover the advisement process, strategic care planning (using a unique narrative plan format that integrates clinical and nonclinical care needs), Unpaid Family Caregiver support group facilitation, and ways to manage the practical side of family caregiving.

We offer standard packages, including our unique Care Integrator program that strengthens the communication link between clinical care providers and UFCs. CGR will also develop customized curriculum-based programs for institutions. Our training can be directed at administrators, paid care workers, or a client population.

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